The Story of the ZNAJDKI Foundation

The story of our shelter began with the fact that I could never just turn a blind eye to animals being mistreated. For as long as I can remember numerous cats and dogs have always surrounded me. Way back in the autumn of 1994, after catching sight of a pair of terrified eyes peering up at me from within a patch of long grass, I vowed to help as many neglected and abused animals as I could. I gave up my comfortable Warsaw apartment and rented a run-down house in a village not far from the city. It wasn’t exactly the kind of place that I would have liked for my animals, but it was better than nothing.
Those first terrified eyes belonged to Kosa—a gentle, grey-brown dog who more likely than not had just ended her tour of duty as a guard dog to some farmer. Instead of being rewarded with a peaceful retirement, she was turned out to fend on her own. Things could have been worse; many other dogs suffer years of abuse or are killed in horrific ways.
After recovering, Kosa helped my daughter and me prepare our shelter for new arrivals. We didn’t have to wait long; within a few months there wasn’t a space in the house or the yard that wasn’t filled with wagging tails.
In 2010, my daughter took out a mortgage and built her own house. Now we have enough space that we no longer have to turn away animals in need. Our little house and 2000m2 of garden space may not sound like a lot, but there’s room for everyone and, most importantly, we all feel safe.
In 2012, helped by friends and volunteers, we decided to register our shelter and the ZNAJDKI Foundation was born (znajdki mean foundling in Polish).
The shelter was designed to house 30 dogs and 10 cats, but we are always over capacity. ZNAJDKI is also home to a number of permanent residents who have been scarred for life by human thoughtfulness, stupidity or downright cruelty. Pralinka was thrown from a speeding car while pregnant and ever since that fateful day has suffered from a neurological condition. Gapcia seems to have been beaten and trained to dislike strangers, she is now so large and so cantankerous we doubt we’ll ever find a home for her.
Currently, we are working to improve the life of two dogs, Fiona and Frania, crippled for life literally by human indifference and cruelty. Fiona, a schnauzer, was born in 2012, unfortunately her owners neglected to have her malformed shoulders treated. When she arrived at our shelter, her shoulder blades and humeral bones were so malformed that Fiona could barely walk and was in constant pain. Without a special support for the front of her body and physical therapy she will not survive.
As a puppy, Frania was beaten so badly that her spine was broken. Several veterinarians gave up on her. Seeing her will to survive and how she still could crawl despite her injuries, we decided that she deserved another chance. Eventually, we found a vet who was willing to provide the treatment needed. After months of daily therapy sessions, the loving dedication of dozens of well wishers, and a king’s ransom spent on medicine, Frania can now walk! She’s a long way from being perfect but she gets by under her own steam, sometimes with the aid of a trolley to support her hind legs. Her future looks promising, but the fight must go on. Frania still needs regular therapy sessions, massages and to be on a special diet.

“I love animals, I love my work. It has always been and will always be that way”.

                                                                                                                                                       Jolanta Boczkowska
                                                                                                                                      (President of the ZNAJDKI Foundation)

Darowizna dla znajdek

Fundacja ZNAJDKI PRZYTULISKO k/Radzymina

Krusze 132  05-240 Tłuszcz

 konto:  91 1240 1082 1111 0010 4867 8484
Dla przelewów zza zagranicy:

IBAN:  PL91 1240 1082 1111 0010 4867 8484


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